Monday, October 29, 2007

Pumpkin Time

We found our pumpkins at a local fruit and vegetable store this year. No pumpkin patches to be found here, but maybe someday. Halloween is just starting to become a holiday here. Costumes are all witches, ghosts and scary stuff. Sunday someone in church made Angel cookies and gave a lesson why Halloween should not be celebrated by Christians during the Sunday School time for the older kids. I had a conversation with Barbara today who really doesn't know what to do about sending her kids to school on Wednesday because they will be partying and celebrating Halloween and other believers are telling her not to send her kids. I honestly don't even remember the whole reason behind Halloween anymore as it is all about dressing kids up in cute little costumes and getting candy in the States. But with it just starting to be recognized here in the past 5 years or so, people are asking the why and purpose. Guess I need to do some more research.
With Cody's birthday falling on Halloween we always had an excuse growing up to be partying for another reason. By the way Happy Almost 23rd Birthday Code-ster!
Samuel's pre-school is having a party on Wednesday but he will not be going only because we have a very important date at the Questura. Our permits to stay (permesso) are complete so we need to go pick them up and every family member is obligated to be present. So that will be our excitement for the day (and year) to finally have those in hand after 6 months of processing and waiting.


Lora said...

Thanks for the great pictures! Artistic talent on the pumpkin!
Praise the Lord for answered prayer regarding the permisso's-
we'll continue to pray to the end until you have them in hand!

Munga and Grandma

Ben & Melissa said...

We love the pumpkin carving job! Maybe someday we'll have a contest over the web. We didn't actually get one this year bc we were too cheap since maddie couldn't really enjoy it. Next year for sure! Hey maybe Papa and Nano can move over there and start a new business...pumpkin patches with corn mazes! We love you guys! Hope everything goes well with the permisso!

Papa & Nano said...

Another great job with the pumpkin carving! I like the doggie smile Sam! Emma and her bugs! I think that's the biggest smile I've seen on her face! And Luca....just a step behind his siblings. What a cutie! Thanks for making our day again. From Camarillo to Italy! Love you all so much! Uncle Ben was sure nice to send you that tractor picture, Sam. It's a GIANT one! It was a nice surprise to see the winter faces too!!......Jon and Ben!
love to all!

Michelle said...

how fun! you're almost inspiring me to go out and buy myself a pumpkin to carve and celebrate...cody's bday. :)

C.A.F. said...

I love the pumpkin! It's fun to see the joy and excitement in their faces too! I remember this time last year we were carving pumpkins together! :) I hope you guys have such a great week! Thanks for the early Birthday wishes! Love you so much!